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Every film has its spark or story to tell, Annabelle Sethupathi Review is the story that rolls out with dozens of ghosts stuck inside a single old palace. They neither know how they died nor know how to get out. They were waiting for someone to rescue them and Cue Rudra( TaapsePannu) became the one.

What the movie is all about- Annabelle Sethupathi Review

Annabelle Sethupathi Review is not the classic peipadam. Though the movie is about several ghosts and they add a bunch of comedy, but still, it’s not a horror-comedy. They are looking for salvation. Though they are ghosts they don’t want to scare the people who enter the palace.

Annabelle Sethupathi review

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Annabelle Sethupathi Review – What is on the conceptual level?

Annabelle Sethupathi Review, at the starting level, there is an interesting take on a film related to ghosts and has some good ideas. The palace is designed in a great way by experts of different continents. A ghost who prepares the feast. A protagonist who has past-life regressions. An antagonist who is also a clueless ghost. Romances between two people who speak a different language.Read this review before watch the movies. Read it fully now!

 Explanation of main characters

Annabelle Sethupathi Review, Shanmugam (Yogi Babu) the cook tells the ghosts to keep the palace clean because hotel owners might not allow it to convert it into a haunted house. In the present day, Rudra (mother of Tapseepannu) and father ( Rajendra Prasad) are considered as clever person people who can steal easily anything unscathed.

Script analysis of the movie

Annabelle Sethupathi Review, the story is all about the palace that was owned by King VeeraSethupathi once upon a time and built for the wife Annabelle (playing by TapseePannu) and she has brought several things across the globe to make the palace look magnificent. It then shows a few years later, a bunch of people in the ghost turned to be a ghost by a curse and they can’t go out of the palace.

Yogi Babu has the lead character. Things are good in the better half where both the lead actors will go in romance broadly. In the second half yogi, babu will manage to make the audience chuckle too with his one-liners supported by other actors. The director used a self-aware vibe in the film. Also, Vijay Sethupathi indeed played a wonderful role on screen.

Direction and Music

Deepak Sunderrajan being the debutant in direction and made a film that is away from reality. Music is good to hear and specifically helped to put some emotions in the movie.

Final verdict

The film has a very simple premise which works in their fantasy-comedy angle in the case of Annabelle Sethupathi Review. The audience must not expect any logic when it is about ghost stories and the film is the same as per the sub-plot about reincarnation. It’s a kind of film where a person should not take it seriously but keep in mind only about the entertainment. It’s not a film with flaws and gives the overall mood of the film it’s a quirky plot and a must-watch.


What is the story of Annabelle Sethupathi?

A small burglar comes into a place where exists full of ghosts.

Is it a horror movie?

The movie though starts with a horror thriller, but it smartly includes some conception of fantasy.

Where you can watch Annabelle Sethupathi?

It is premiered on Disney + Hotstar and anyone with a proper subscription to the OOT platform can watch the movie.

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