Ankahi Kahaniya review – Amazing love stories of the present life!

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Ankahi Kahaniya review, Havn’t you seen this story? This is an awesome story that I have seen recently. I came to know about this story from one of my friends. She told me that she watched that on Netflix. But Netflix is paid, and I do not use Netflix, as it is totally paid, and I was looking for something totally free of cost. So I started searching for that platform which is completely free, and I came to know about the IMBd.

The site is quite popular; I mean, I might be am late to come to know about this site. Numerous movies, series you would find here. The best part I liked was that it was totally free of cost. Even I can see every movies and series which are available on Netflix I can see here. I sawAnkahiKahaniya, and that is the reason I will tell you all about the Ankahi Kahaniya review. 

Ankahi Kahaniya review – the best movie you must watch now

When you cannot go out, let the entertainment come in. AnkahiKahaniya is one of them. I generally do not like commercial films, but this was totally different from all. Somewhere around, I can relate my life to this story.

The film has three different stories—no connection with each other. But every story will connect you somewhere. All are love stories and full of emotions. MIght be you won’t cry, but these stories will pinch your heart. I was very much touched while watching the movie.

I can tell you all to watch the movie, and I can tell you you won’t get bored with this movie. Moreover, you will feel connected. Writing the Ankahi Kahaniya review, I feel all of us are alone. We are looking for people with whom we can talk or share our happiness and sorrow.

Ankahi Kahaniya review, The first story of this film is related to that. I like the story of Abhishek Banerjee. A common salesman suddenly fell in love with a mannequin. Because he was single and looking for a partner with who he could spend some time and IMDb rated the movie four stars, and that’s too high. 

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How does the IMDb rating work?

As we all know that IMDb rating really works, and it matters a lot. All the IMDb registered members will cast their votes and rating for any movies or series or for any story. Voting will be counted as individual by these registered users, and after that, it will be calculated a single rating.

According to the Ankahi Kahaniya review, they do not use any arithmetic or anything tricky to rate the movies. However, some websites claim that they know how the IMDb rates. Just like YouTube, it is hard to get to know the algorithm.

About the movie

Let’s talk about the movie and give Ankahi Kahaniya a review. Abhishek Choubey is the director of this film. Prior to this, he has done many more movies, and as a writer, he is outstanding. The script was written by Hussain Haidry and Abhishek Chaubey.

He wanted to portray the collective craze for the AnkahiKahaniya, and he was successful in this matter as well. People show their love towards this film. COming weekly watch the movie on and weekend sorted.

Frequently asked questions:

How many small stories are there in AnkahiKahaniya?

Total three stories are captured in AnkahiKahaniya.

Who is the writer of AnkahiKahaniya?

Hussain Haidry and Abhishek Chaubey are the writers.

Can I get this movie on IMDb?

Yes, it is available on IMDb.


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