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Andhaka- infamous offspring of Shiva and Parvati


The story of Andhaka, the infamous offspring of Shiva and Parvati.
There are numerous variations of the Andhaka story; right here we’ll illustrate the preferred ones talked about in Shiva and Vamana Puranas. Andhaka is born blind and hideous in kind, from the sweat of Parvati’s hand and the warmth of Shiva’s eye. He’s gifted away as a boon to the asura king, Hiranyaksha. Andhaka is surrounded by the crudeness and conceitedness of the asuras by way of his rising years. By way of a boon, he features bodily magnificence and his eyesight, however his coronary heart continues to harbour evil. Andhakasura, as he got here to be recognized, carried out sever penances to Lord Brahma. Brahma grants his needs of invincibility however warned him that he could be killed by Shiva. Andhakasura, armed and guarded by the blessing of Lord Brahma, raged a vicious conflict towards the gods. The gods have been no match to his powers and have been all defeated. Immersed in satisfaction and energy, he now marched to Kailash Parvat, the place he had heard of a yogi dwelling along with his lovely spouse. Andhakasura wished to own the attractive girl as little did he know that he was his personal mom. When Shiva discovered about Andhakasura’s plan, he was enraged and a battle ensued between them. Andhakasura entered Parvati’s chamber, with an intention to abduct her. However regardless of how exhausting Shiva tried, Andhakasura couldn’t be killed.
It’s stated that each drop of Andhakasura’s blood touching the bottom would create one other mighty demon. Then Lord Vishnu created Matrikas who licked the blood of the demon each time he was damage and prevented one other demon from being created. Lastly Lord Shiva overpowered Andhka and impaled him along with his trident and lifted him upon his trident the place he remained struggling for 1000’s of years. Finally, realizing his mistake Andhaka apologized to Shiva and began praying to him. Happy Shiva forgave him and blessed him to steer a reformed life among the many Ganas as their lord.


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