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Surya Siddhanta, arguably essentially the most historical e book on Indian astronomy, is a extremely superior and correct treatise in Hindu astronomy that’s broadly revered all around the world for its extremely developed scientific and astronomical ideas relating to the cosmos. As per Hindu custom, the Solar God, Surya is claimed to have given this refined and exact information to Maya, the Asura.

Conventional Hindus consider Surya Siddhanta to be 1000’s of years outdated. Nonetheless, when the West turned conscious of Surya Siddhanta across the 18th century CE, they set about translating the textual content hurriedly and arrived at a date for its origin round 500 CE. They positioned the Surya Siddhanta as a 1500-year-old textual content, basing their calculations on their very own biased assumptions for the start of the Universe and their conception of the antiquity of Indian civilization.

On this Srijan Speak, acclaimed creator and researcher Nilesh Nilkanth Oak factors to the fradulent makes an attempt, a number of of them, of the West in relationship the Surya Siddhanta and presents his authentic analysis alongside together with his teammate Rupa Bhaty, to reach at a extra genuine date for the traditional treatise. Impressed by the 600 astronomical references he discovered throughout his analysis on the relationship of the Ramayana, Nilesh Oak undertook to delve deeper into the Surya Siddhanta. He and Rupa Bhaty launched into the analysis and turned to the textual content of Surya Siddhanta itself for clues. They discovered astonishing references that led them to do the calculations and simulations with fashionable astronomical information and to then draw their inferences as to when a selected replace might need occurred within the Surya Siddhanta.

Using instruments of scientific precision, logic and a eager sense of intuitive commentary, Nilesh Oak & Rupa Bhaty have carried out meticulous analysis into particular archaeo-astronomical information factors discovered throughout the 12th chapter of Surya Siddhanta. And so they have arrived at a date of appreciable antiquity for the actual replace of Surya Siddhanta that conforms to a number of indicators just like the presence of two Pole stars, a 24-degree obliquity of the Earth and particular corresponding of the Earth’s apsidal positions with respect to Indian seasons of Grishma and Hemanta.

Do watch this fascinating Srijan Speak to be educated not solely on the antiquity of the Surya Siddhanta, but additionally on the antiquity and continuity of the flourishing Indian civilization, bustling with creativity, scientific exercise and innovation at its peak.

About The Speaker:
Nilesh Nilkanth Oak, is the creator of “When did the Mahabharata Struggle Occur?”, “The Thriller of Arundhati”, the place he freshly evaluated astronomy observations of Mahabharata textual content. His work led to validation of 5561 BCE because the 12 months of Mahabharata Struggle whereas falsifying greater than 120 alternate claims. The e book was nominated for the Lakatos award; the award is given yearly by London College of Economics for a contribution to the philosophy of science. On this second book- “The Historic Rama”, he decisively falsifies timelines proposed by Dr. P V Vartak (7300 BCE), Shri Pushkar Bhatnagar (5200 BCE), SRS ( 10000 BCE) and M R Yardi ( 1500 BCE) Nilesh researches in astronomy, archeology, anthropology, quantum mechanics, economics, historical narratives and philosophy.

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