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Historic Hindu Goddess of LAZINESS? The Curious Case of Jyestha Devi


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Hey guys, at present I need to present you a really unusual Hindu Goddess carved within the historic Kailsanathar Temple. As you may see there are three goddesses right here, the one within the middle is standing majestically on prime of a Lion. Her title is Durga and let’s not concentrate on that Flying Saucer or UFO like craft on prime of her. I’m right here to concentrate on this Goddess, on the left. This can be a very unusual and fascinating carving.
It seems to be like the exact opposite of Hindu deities we have now seen. I’ve proven you 1000’s of historic Indian carvings, and the carvings of goddesses are virtually all the time very lean and match. However right here is any individual who’s obese, who doesn’t look very wholesome. Look very fastidiously, her eyes are closed, she seems to be like she is sleeping. Who is that this Goddess? And why is she portrayed like this and what’s the story behind this?
This can be a deity referred to as Jyestha, she is the Goddess of Laziness, she is the Goddess of misfortune, poverty , illness and sorrow. That is distinctive proper? Hinduism has 1000’s of deities, however they’re largely related to good issues, however this one represents all of the unhealthy issues.
What does Jyestha imply? The phrase Jyestha really means elder or older in Sanskrit. Older to who? She is the elder sister of this deity referred to as Lakshmi, who’s proven instantly on the other facet of the wall. Lakshmi is the goddess prosperity, success and sweetness. And it’s carved deliberately with a pointy distinction. Keep in mind, we’re carvings which are at the least 1300 years previous. And the carvings have gone by vital erosion, corrosion and even human destruction, however we will nonetheless see the superb distinction between them and perceive them.
Have a look at how Lakshmi is carved. She is extremely match, sits with a straight again with solely leg on the bottom, and the opposite leg folded up. Now have a look at Jyestha. Have a look at how she is proven over weight and Have a look at the comfy posture, sitting in type of a really soft, lazy manner with each her toes on the bottom. There’s a Buffalo headed man, standing subsequent to her. The buffalo is a really gradual, lazy animal and in South India this determine is known as Maanthan, typically regarded as a son of Jyestha. On the opposite facet a woman, often called Maanthini has a mischievous smile, in all probability out of guilt from unsuitable doing. In the event you have a look at Lakshmi, she has a cow, a logo of fertility and abundance on one facet, and lion, a logo of Bravery on to her different facet.
Two extra bizarre options of Jyestha, she is proven with a brush stick, which symbolizes that she is just not very clear. You would not usually sit subsequent to a brush stick or a trash can. After which she can also be proven with a crow, crow is the last word scavenger chook which eats something, useless or alive. It’s incredible to watch all these particulars of this very unusual goddess. It’s straightforward to know the symbolism, if you’re lazy and soiled, you’ll find yourself being poor and unhealthy.
Keep in mind what I advised you, This temple, the Kailasanathar temple is stuffed with superb symbolism, a number of movies again, I confirmed you the way these animals are telling us to go and discover these secret chambers. This temple is stuffed with such info.

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