An Islamic Golden Age or Appropriation of Hindu achievements ?


Who developed algebra, Trigonometry, our numeral system and the idea of Zero to present foundation for the European scientific revolution?
Regardless of some frequent knowledge misinformation it was largely Hindu and Jain Mathematicians.
The Brahmi numerals, a numeral system attested from the third century India, was the bottom for Hindu numeral system utilized by Indian mathematician similar to Aryabhata and Brahmagupta.
Aryabhata (476–550 CE) – a Hindu astronomer used the digit zero in his calculations, and calculated pi to accuracy of 5 figures.
Brahmagupta (598–670 CE) – a Hindu mathematician and astronomer, was the primary to present guidelines to compute with zero, Brahmagupta wrote books on math and astronomy, discussing algebra together with giving a full resolution to the quadratic equation (Ax^2 + Bx + C).
The Indian mathematical textual content Surya Prajnapti (third–4th century BCE) and the works of the Jain Monk Yativrsabha (500-570 CE) describe the idea of infinity.
The mathematical Bakhshali Manuscript (3th century CE) describes unfavorable numbers.
Varāhamihira (505–587 CE) – described the algebraic properties of unfavorable numbers, and found trigonometric formulation similar to sin^2x + cos^2x = 1.
Bhāskara (600 –680 CE) – gave a rational approximation of the sine operate
Solely the later Madhava of Sangamagrama (1340-1425 CE) – gave extra correct approximations to the sine operate (since Bhāskara) and to the Pi (since Aryabhata) – appropriate to 17 decimal locations.
So, my query is, Why are Indian historians so silent when their civilization achievements in math (third – seventh century) are “borrowed” to assist the vocal Islamic “golden age” narrative (eighth -12th century)?
This data isn’t just trivia, the golden age fantasy is used to say the notion that Islam doesn’t want a progressive reformation and as an alternative calls to step again into its superb previous, earlier than it was “hijacked by the extremists”.


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