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This lecture is a part of an internet licensed course titled “Social Justice: Indic Ideas” by Aravindan Neelkandan. Enrol to be taught extra at :

Concerning the Course

This course discusses the Indic ideas of Social Justice. The dominant perception right this moment is that although India had many social injustices, it had no mechanism of social justice. The narrative that’s peddled within the left-liberal circles, claims that the very concept of social justice is Western and Judeo-Christian in origin and native pagan traditions like India had no such idea.

Aravindan Neelakandan, tells us, by discussing Indian historical past, Indian scriptures and Indian traditions that the idea of social justice is deeply embedded in Indian psyche and Indian social order. It’s maybe the one nice custom on this planet the place the mechanisms of social justice are hardwired within the system itself. Consequently, whereas in most different societies, conventional establishments are likely to ossify and resist social justice, in India, conventional buildings have thrown up social reforms every now and then, thus not resisting, however spearheading social justice and social change.

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