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Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami reads his editorial from the Jan/Feb/Mar 2013 version of Hinduism Immediately journal. Making use of knowledge of ashrama dharma lends dignity and rising goal to each decade of life, however requires some new pondering.”Rajiv’s London classmates are a raucous bunch of youngsters, flush with vigor, carefree and oblivious to future obligations. They see him as a stodgy fellow—good, good-looking, likeable—however lacking out on the enjoyable. “You’re solely younger as soon as!” Jeremy chides, “Why not celebration with us?” Rajiv lives in a unique world, having realized from his mother and father that life is measured in 4 phases, and that we reincarnate time and again—so we’re younger many, many instances! He saves his energies for the vital stuff, constructing his information and character in preparation for the household stage, which he’ll enter in his twenties. Disinterested in playing around, he hopes to win the hand of a cultured lady with whom to share this lifetime and convey kids into the world. Rajiv even seems ahead to his elder years when, having fulfilled his duties, he’ll withdraw into his soul nature, the everlasting Rajiv, searching for God Realization as he lives out this earthly tenure. Rajiv is satisfied that every section of life has a pure goal, and that every is extra rewarding than the final. For now, he chooses to check as laborious as he can, and play just a little in between.”


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