8 Digital Marketing Tips And Tricks You Should Know


A strong digital marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your business. Studies show that 4.57 billion people in the world use the internet actively. Clearly, this proves that there’s a strong demand for digital materials because your target audience is mostly on their smartphones and laptops. Fortunately, you have an arsenal of tools from a video maker online to a collage maker. to make your digital campaigns. You can visit promo.com to check out free templates. You should follow google display network tips.

Employing the right digital marketing strategy will help you bring new prospects and retain old clients. Choosing digital marketing is no longer an option. You have to do it or you will get left behind by your competitors. Although establishing the right digital marketing strategies seems challenging, it can be done. Check out the top ten digital marketing tips and tricks you should implement ASAP. Let’s get started.

Take Time to Research Your Competition

You need to know which brands you’re up against so you can stand out from them. Offering something unique will get you the clicks. A quick Google search will reveal your competitors and give you a glimpse of the digital marketing tactics they employ. You can then see the following:

  • Taglines they use
  • Blog content
  • Imagery
  • Products or services offered
  • Reviews

Once you have the data, use the information to curate a unique experience for your clients and prospects. To illustrate, use your video maker online to create explainers or how-tos that show how your products work. Design a strategy to strengthen trust signals because clients will only patronize brands they trust.

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Invest in Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Use

Research indicates that 53% of the global web traffic comes from smartphone use. For this reason, you need to prep your website for the deluge of people checking via their mobile devices. Typically, people will not visit or buy from you if they encounter a poor mobile experience.

Satisfy your audience by creating a mobile responsive website. Use a website builder with a responsive theme so the fonts and pictures don’t look distorted, whether in portrait or landscape mode. Make sure your images and videos are tweaked. You can use a video maker online to check your video’s size and aspect ratio. Besides, this digital tool also comes with a free image resizer for pictures.

Make Longer Blogs

A blog is a classic digital marketing staple that you need to capture attention. However, don’t make your blogs ultra short. You need longer and more in-depth posts too to gain new customers. Instead of sticking to 500-word pieces, aim for a sweet spot of 1,200 words.

You should also have a few longer ones with more than 2K words to serve as a resource or cornerstone content. Besides, these work well in boosting up your search engine rankings. Need blog ideas? Try out the following:

  • Share tips
  • Answer questions
  • Showcase latest products
  • Conduct interviews
  • Provide how-tos

Work on Developing Email Campaigns

The right emails can make a big difference in your bottom line. If you have an existing subscriber list, make every message count because you’ve got warm leads that are ready to convert. Make sure you work on a catchy title. Having the word video on the subject line increases click-through rates by 65%.

Of course, no one can embed a full video on an email. So use your video maker online to create stunning content for your webpage. Then, create a clickable GIF that the readers can press to see the full video. Remember, email marketing is cheap and you get an amazing return on investment so leverage what you’ve got. The goal is to ensure your messages are read and not junked into spam.

Make Things Personalized

For starters, use a conversational tone whenever possible to engage with your audience. People prefer to respond to human-like messages. Thus, you must ditch the robotic tone and trite corporate spiel. The key is to establish a rapport with your audience. For example, you can the following to make things more personal:

  • Improve your site functionality by including a live chat feature
  • Putting an interactive quiz that your clients will enjoy
  • Using personalization for emails
  • Make recommendations based on browsing history
  • Send holiday cards and birthday gifts to loyal customers

Tailor Content to the Buyer’s Journey

Each of your prospects has three stages they experience before making their final purchase. These are awareness, consideration, and decision stages. Naturally, you need targeted content for the different phases. To illustrate, take note of the following:

  • Awareness: the goal is to provide an overview of the business
  • Consideration: let them know more about the brand and demonstrate industry expertise
  • Decision: help finalize their decision by highlighting product details

You must guide your users in each stage to achieve your ultimate objective. Pointing them to content the suits their needs will create better results in the long run.

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Stay Visible With Facebook Ads and Make Use of a Video Maker Online

Facebook is the number one social network with billions of active users. Best of all, these users constantly check their FB apps throughout the day. Hence, you’ve got a lot of opportunities to market your products to your target audience. Create a Facebook Business Page that aligns with your brand’s theme. This will help boost your visibility.

From there, utilize FB paid ads. These are very cheap but they allow your brand to get front and center in the eyes of people who can make a big difference in your bottom line. This is particularly effective because you can target a specific group with the wonders of algorithms. As a result, you can expand your audience reach. For best results, use a video maker online to create compelling ads that grab attention.

Partner With Micro-Influencers

Finally, everyone knows that influencer marketing works. Even before digital marketing, celebrities endorsing products resulted in increased sales. However, not everyone can afford the rates of a major influence. Thankfully, partnering up with a micro-influencer with 20K plus followers is less expensive but still effective, especially for niche products.

Create catchy audio-visual content with your video maker online and strike up a deal with several micro-influencers. Help each other grow with cross-promotion. This works because micro-influencers are perceived by your clients as people just like them. As a result, they feel more affinity with your brand. They add credibility to your business, improving conversion rates.

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