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6 Compelling Tales About The Legend Of Lord Shiva You Should Know | | भगवन शिव की गाथाएँ |


इन्हें भोलेनाथ, शंकर, महेश, रुद्र, नीलकंठ, गंगाधार आदि नामों से भी जाना जाता है.
Shiva that means “The Auspicious One” is without doubt one of the three main deities of Hinduism. He’s worshiped because the supreme god inside Shaivism, one of many three most influential denominations in up to date Hinduism. He is without doubt one of the 5 main types of God within the Smarta Custom, and “the Creator, the Preserver, the Transformer, and the Destroyer”.

On the highest stage, Shiva is thought to be formless, limitless, transcendent, and unchanging. Shiva has many benevolent and fearsome depictions. In benevolent facets, he’s depicted as an omniscient Yogi who lives an ascetic life on Mount Kailash, in addition to a householder with spouse Parvati and his two youngsters, Ganesha and Kartikeya. In his fierce facets, he’s typically depicted slaying demons. Shiva can be thought to be the patron god of yoga, meditation, and humanities.

So listed here are 6 Compelling Tales About The Legend Of Lord Shiva that You Should Know.

Voice Over: Sankalp Singh

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