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5 Hindu Components – Sound of Bhūmi (Earth) – Zen Meditation Prayer: Rocks, Stones, Floor


The 5 components of Hinduism are:
a) ‘bhūmi’ (earth),
b) ‘ap’ or ‘jala’ (water),
c) ‘tejas’ or ‘agni’ (fireplace),
d) ‘marut’, ‘vayu’ or ‘pavan’ (air or wind)
e) ‘vyom’, ‘shunya’ or ‘akash’ (aether or void).

Hinduism teaches that each one of creation, together with the human physique, is made up of those 5 important components. And that after dying the human physique dissolves into them. It’s stated to steadiness the cycle of nature.

The 5 components are related to senses.
The essential ingredient, earth will be perceived by all 5 senses – listening to, contact, sight, style and scent.
The subsequent, water, has no odor however will be heard, felt, seen and tasted.
One other one is fireplace, which will be heard, felt and seen.
Air will be heard and felt.
Aether is past the senses of scent, style, sight, and contact, so it is accessible solely via the sense of listening to.

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