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25 Scientific Indians Traditions With Motive -Sincere Info of Hinduism


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01.Significance of Namaste – Becoming a member of each palms collectively to greet.
02.Why do temples have bells?
03.Why can we go to temples?
04.Why do w worship idols?
05.Why are silk garments most well-liked whereas doing pooja?
06.Why do Indian ladies put on bangles?
07.Why do Indian married ladies apply sindoor on their brow?
08.Why can we apply henna on palms and ft?
09.Why do Indian ladies put on toering?
10.Why do Indian ladies apply kukmum on their brow?
11.Why do Indian ladies pierce their ears?
12.Om – Pronunciation – Scientific Causes and makes use of.
13.Why can we worship the tulsi plant?
14.Why can we worship the peepal tree?
15.Why are some bushes thought-about sacred in India?
16.Why can we sit on the ground and eat?
17.Why can we begin with spice and finish with candy?
18.Why can we quick?
19.Why do brahmins develop choti on their head?
20.Why can we contact the ft of elders?
21.Why ought to we stay awake with our head in direction of north?
22.Why can we shout in anger?
23.Why can we throw cash right into a properly?
24.Scientific Causes behind the commonest punishment?
25.Why is turmeric thought-about holy in India?
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