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(2) Orthodoxy and the Faith of the Future: Monotheism and Hinduism


Amazon description: “What’s the historical Christian understanding of at the moment’s UFO sightings? What’s behind the Charismatic Motion? What phenomena are assaulting Christianity in our fashionable world? How can Christians keep away from being caught up within the Apostasy?

ORTHODOXY AND THE RELIGION OF THE FUTURE examines in eight chapters these and related questions dealing with Christians within the modern world. The spiritual phenomena of at the moment are signs of a “new spiritual consciousness” that’s making ready the world faith of the long run. Phenomena resembling Yoga, Zen, Tantra, Transcendental Meditation, Maharaj-ji, Hare Krishna, UFOs, the Charismatic Motion and Jonestown are offered in distinction to the Orthodox Patristic customary of religious life, with out the understanding of which, within the coming time of antichrist, it should scarcely be potential for Christians to be saved.

This work is a concise and unequivocal Orthodox assertion on modern tendencies; its pressing message rings loud and clear. Considered from a basis primarily based in Patristic teachings, the religious actions of the day are clearly numerous religious deceptions which have existed for the reason that starting of the Church, quite than the achievements of a brand new spiritual consciousness. Addressing soberly and instantly the tendencies of pseudo-spirituality which loom enticingly at the moment, ORTHODOXY AND THE RELIGION OF THE FUTURE supplies a beacon of discernment in these instances of widespread religious deception. The ebook examines a broad spectrum of points dealing with fashionable Christians–each from the angle of the early Church Fathers. Because the “New Age” is turning into a family idea and is transferring into wider acceptance by mainstream society, the “new spiritual consciousness” could be seen progressing exactly alongside the strains described by the late Fr. Seraphim”.

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