Hinduism Beliefs

13c Jewish Teams and Doctrines – the Messiah, Isaiah, idolatry, and monotheism


Half three in a screencast lecture in three components surveying Jewish teams and doctrines. This half discusses the concept of the Messiah, the prophet Isaiah, monotheism, the beginning of the Babylonian captivity as described in 2 Kings, the condemnation of idolatry, life after dying, resurrection, the world to return, the “struggling servant” of Isaiah, and the concept that the Jews are presupposed to be “a light-weight to the nations.” Screencast lectures by Dr. Dale Tuggy, for his INDS 120 World Religions – a university course surveying the traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and introducing college students to the phrases and traditional theories of Spiritual Research.


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