1. Who’s Shiva? Man, Fantasy or Divine? – Hindu Non secular Tales

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Welcome to Hindustories.com. Shiva and Shakthi each can not go with out one another. They each type the idea of life on earth. On this video,my focus is on Lord Shiva.
So who’s Shiva?
No matter I’m going to inform about him is only a spec on this complete Universe.
Shiva is the Supreme Consciousness. Shiva is Adideva, the at the start God.
No phrases can describe Shiva and no sahasranama is sufficient to reward him…….He’s the supreme almighty.
We consider that we the folks of the universe are the kids of Lord Shiva and his spouse Goddess Parvathi. Every thing is managed by them.
Thenavina thrunamapi na chalathi
Nothing strikes with out your grace…lord shiva… even a small Durva grass would not transfer with out your consent…
Lord Shiva is accountable for the destruction of the universe, solely to recreate it. That is additionally his means of telling the universe that nothing and no person on this universe is everlasting.
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Om Namah Shivaya….
Could the grace of Lord Shiva be with you all the time.


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