ശബരിമലയിൽ തങ്കസൂര്യോദയം | Malayalam Hindu Devotional Music # Ayyappa Devotional Music # Ayyappa Songs

ശബരിമലയിൽ തങ്കസൂര്യോദയം | Sabarimalayil Thangasooryodayam # Malayalam Hindu Devotional Music # Ayyappa Devotional Music # Ayyappa Songs
Lyrics : Child Aswathy
Modifying : prajith tp
Designer: prajith tp
Album:ശബരിമലയിൽ തങ്കസൂര്യോദയം|| Sabarimalayil Thangasooryodayam

Ayyappan (additionally referred to as Sastavu , Manikandan or Sasta) is a Hindu deity who’s believed to be an incarnation of Dharma Sasta, the offspring of Shiva and Vishnu (within the type of Mohini, his solely feminine avatar), He’s typically depicted in a yogic posture, carrying a jewel round his neck, therefore named Manikandan,Actually that means “With bell across the neck”.

By the 20th century, there was a rise within the variety of worshipers of Ayyappan from many alternative teams, spurred by huge enhancements in transport and communication in southern India.

Ayyappan’s annual pageant is a time of pilgrimage for ever-growing numbers of males from all through South India. Essentially the most distinguished and well-known Ayyappan shrine is the one at Sabarimala, within the hills of Pathanamthitta in Kerala, with over 30 million devotees visiting it yearly, making it one of many largest pilgrimage websites on the planet. These devotees quick and have interaction in austerities below the management of a Periya Swami (one who has undertaken the pilgrimage to Sabarimala for 18 years) for weeks beforehand after which journey in teams to the shrine for a glimpse of Ayyappan. Bus tickets are onerous to acquire for a number of weeks as plenty of elated males, clad in distinctive ritual dhotis of saffron, black and lightweight blue colours, throng public transportation throughout their journey to the shrine.

The title “sri Ayyappan” is used as a respectful type of tackle within the Tamil and Malayalam languages. The Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil sentence Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa might be translated as, “Oh Ayyappa! I search refuge in you” #hindudevotionalsongsmalayalam













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