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Devī (Sanskrit: देवी) is the Sanskrit phrase for “goddess”; the masculine kind is Deva. Devi – the female kind, and Deva – the masculine kind, imply “heavenly, divine, something of excellence”, and are additionally gender particular phrases for a deity in Hinduism.

The idea and reverence for goddesses seems within the Vedas, which have been composed within the 2nd millennium BC; nonetheless, they don’t play a central position in that period.[Goddesses akin to Saraswati and Usha have continued to be revered into the trendy period. The medieval period Puranas witnessed a serious growth in mythology and literature related to Devi, with texts such because the Devi Mahatmya, whereby she manifests as the last word fact and supreme energy, and she or he has impressed the Shaktism custom of Hinduism.[

The divine female has the strongest presence as Devi in Hinduism, amongst main world religions, from the traditional instances to the current. The goddess is considered as central in Shakti and Saiva Hindu traditions.


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