సూర్య భగవానుడి రూపం లో ఖైరతాబాద్ గణేష్| Significance of khairatabad ganesh.


సూర్య భగవానుడి రూపం లో ఖైరతాబాద్ గణేష్| Significance of khairatabad ganesh.
Hello each one that is our youtube channel Ok-Devotional.
On this video we defined in regards to the ganesh of khairatabad. Its the very best ganesh ideol.It’s ver vital and essentially the most highly effective god.Our needs come true whe we pray for this kahairatabad ganesh.
Hey everybody,Ok-Devotional is a bhakti channel in telugu which caters to the individuals of all religions.It has the fictional and non-fictional programmes.It contains ideas like dharma sandehalu,religious speeches,nithya sandehaalu,astrologu,hinduism dharma,lakshmi kataksham,astaishwaryalu,pandagalu and about temples and many others.We attempt our greatest to expalin every and every thing like nithya deeparadhana,pooja vidhanam,sravana masam viseshaalu,karteeka masam viseshaalu..Bhakti in sanskrit actually means attatchment,homage,religion,love,devotion,worship,purity.Whereas in Bhagavat gita it ideas one of many potential paths of spirituality and in direction of moksha.
Hindus truly solely imagine in a single God Brahma, the everlasting origin who’s the trigger and basis of all existence The Hindu religion signify totally different types of Brahma. Hinduism is the biggest faith on the earth and the world’s oldest faith.
Beliefs of Hindus :
• Reality is everlasting. Hindus pursue information and understanding of the reality.
• The reality and actuality is Brahma
• The final word authority is the vedas
• Everybody ought to attempt to attain drama
• All the person souls are immortal and the aim of the person soul is moksha.
Thankyou soo a lot everybody and please be part of me to present some extra intresting subjects.


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