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भारतीय कालक्रम के मुख्य आधार – Vedveer Arya – #IndicTalks


On this discuss, Vedveer Arya talk about the assorted concoctions and distortions amongst chronology of Historic India. The chief amongst these distortions is what Vedveer outlined as SBC. In accordance with him – it’s the root reason for the chronological issues of world historical past. SBC is outlined as the issue of relationship of following vital epoch in world historical past:

1) S – The Epoch of Saka period
2) B – The Epoch of Buddha Nirvana
3) C – The Christian Period

He claims that nobody can come to the correct chronology of Indian historical past with out resolving the datings of those three vital eras; that are completely distorted however sadly introduced as indisputable fact.

In his personal phrases:

“…Through the colonial period, Western students got here to know concerning the Puranic chronology of historical India however they might not deliver themselves to imagine it. Having been born and introduced up in Christian society, their unconscious perception was seemingly based mostly on Biblical chronology. Their racial bias additionally in all probability didn’t permit them to simply accept the Puranic chronology that was older than the chronology of historical Greece. Western students utterly rejected the Puranic chronology as mere mythology somewhat than historical past. They questioned the historicity of assorted royal dynasties talked about within the Puranas and declared the Ramayan as fiction and the Mahabharata as historic fiction. Apparently, the identical Western students selectively accepted the family tree of some royal dynasties as talked about in Puranas.

Sadly, solely literary proof is out there for the historical past of historical India past the date of nirvana of Buddha. Furthermore, in the end of time, Indians utterly forgot the true epoch of sure eras creating extra confusion in fixing the chronology of historical India. Western students merely concluded that literary proof was opposite to epigraphic proof, therefore not dependable. They rejected the Puranic chronology and confused upon fashionable Indian historic analysis based mostly on epigraphic and archaeological proof. Some students like John Playfair and Hermann Jacobi have logically argued that the antiquity of Vedic civilization goes past 4300-4500 BCE however the majority of Western students merely brushed apart the irrefutable info introduced by them….”

On this #IndicTalk, Vedveer Arya discusses the chronology of historical India and based mostly on some surprising revelations he’s making an attempt to regulate the chronology of not simply India but additionally the world, rattling a couple of settled views of historical past.

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