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ब्राम्हा Vs निष्पाप येशु मसीह | Bramha Vs Sinless Jesus Christ | Hinduism Absolutely Uncovered

ब्राम्हा Vs निष्पाप येशु मसीह | Bramha Vs Sinless Jesus Christ | Kyun Yeshu Sabse Mahaan Hai

Books to Learn: Shiva Purana
On-line: In Hindi- http://shivmahapuraan.com/vs-chapter-7/
In English-
https://websites.google.com/web site/100scri…

Shiva Purana, Vidyeswara Samhita, Chapter 7 verse 1 to 33. Right here it says, Vishnu and Brahma have been preventing over one another to know, who’s superior. Then devas go to Shiva, interesting for peace. After then, shiva appeared earlier than them as pillar of fireplace, and instructed brahma and Vishnu to search out the tip and starting of the pillar of fireplace. Vishnu turns into a boar and searches its root under. Brahma turns into a swan and searches its prime. Brahma falsely says he noticed the highest of the column of fireplace, and that the Ketaki flower is his witness. Discover viewers. This god speaks lie. Now inform me. a god who tells lie? and folks anticipate me to imagine a liar?

Titus chapter 1 Verse 2. In hope of everlasting life, which God, that can’t lie, promised earlier than the world started;. So. God of the Bible is just not a liar. He don’t must lie for any motive. As a result of God is Fact and Simply, and We Christians, Observe the Fact. God of the Bible is reliable to observe, as a result of he, don’t lie. It’s a standard sense, why would anybody observe a liar?

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बाइबिल का परमेश्वर 7000 साल पहले पैदा हुआ? उससे पहले वह अकेले क्या कर रहे थे?

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