PANCHAGNI VIDYA: The secret meditation about the law of attraction


Panchagni Vidya is a powerful, secret meditation mentioned in the Upanishads.

The Panchagni Vidya or Knowledge of the 5 fires declares that mastering this meditation will allow a person to attract his or her destiny.  The Upanishad issues a cautionary tone to this knowledge and mentions that this secret meditation should be handled responsibly as it will bestow the power of manifestation on an individual.

Philosophical background on Panchagni Vidya

Understanding the Panchagni Vidya

The Creation of this world is based on one simple fact: it is desires that manifest experiences and these flow of experiences collectively form the destiny of an individual. The destinies of individuals perceived by others and self is known as this world.

For the world to continue, the nature of consciousness is to grant whatever is willed or desired by an individual.  The power of manifesting desires gets influenced by good or bad karma accumulated over various births (SAMSARA). The people who achieve Moksha or transcend this world are the ones who have overcome all desires.

The Panchagni Vidya teaches the supreme truth about the inter-connectedness of life. Once the truth hidden in the Panchagni Vidya meditation is experienced, a person is no longer a victim to the laws of the creation. That person will be able to make his own laws and manifest his own desired creation.

The Panchagni Vidya meditation makes an individual all-powerful by making him realize that this existence is not a mere push from your mother’s womb nor the seminal essence of your father. It makes a person realize that he is the entire cosmos. The 5 realms or 5 fires mentioned in the meditation teach us that the entire universe come in harmony to give birth to a child. The whole universe is our father; the entire universe is our mother. Before a child is born, there were vibrations from higher realms to lower realms in the entire cosmos.

The Panchagni Vidya or the Knowledge of the 5 fires explains how the body is linked to the universe and why the mind’s true nature is to manifest its will in the universe.

The Five Fires, called the Panchagnis, are not physical fires but meditation techniques. The Fire, here, is symbolic of a sacrifice which one performs through contemplation.

Each fire or meditation technique has three facets for contemplation the actual nature of the fire. what goes as offering in the fire and what is their output.

The Panchagni Vidya or the Knowledge of the 5 Fires

First Realm of Panchagni Vidya

The Fire: The heaven is indeed the fire. Of that, the sun is the fuel, the rays are the smoke, the day is the flame, the moon is the embers, and the stars are the sparks.

Oblation/Offering: Into this fire the infinite consciousness offers faith of humans. Faith is defined as the cumulative beneficial acts of all men and women on this world: any act of mental faith to a higher power, any physical act of compassion to any species, any virtuous act, any good deed, charities, any unselfish act for the benefit of someone else. All these proper actions conducted in harmony with the intent of beneficence of humanity are offered as an oblation in this sacrificial fire. Hence any individual action that you perform adds up to the total of the oblation that is offered by the universal consciousness in this fire.

Output: Of out this fire, depending on the quality of the offering, the infinite consciousness produces prana or the life producing energy for the people on the earth.

Second Realm of Panchagni Vidya

The Fire: We now descend from the heavens into the atmospheric layer of the sky as you see it. The sky is the second sacrificial fire. The wind is the fuel, the cloud is the smoke, the lightning is the flame, the thunderbolt is the embers and the rumblings of thunder are the sparks.

Offering/Oblation: Into this sacrificial fire, the infinite consciousness offers the oblation of the prana or life- energy obtained from the first sacrificial fire.

Output: The second sacrificial fire is in a lower realm than heavens, and is responsible for rain. When rain falls, it is not an isolated activity. It is the effect of the offering of the energy obtained from the first sacrificial fire. Hence we are linked to the production of rainfall. Nature gives us back what we give it in the form of our own deeds.

Third Realm of Panchagni Vidya

The Fire: In your meditation, we know descend on the earth. The earth is the third sacrificial fire. Time is the fuel, the sky is the smoke, the night is the flame, the directions are the embers and the intermediary directions are the sparks.

Offering/Oblation: Into this fire, the infinite consciousness offers rain as an oblation. The productive capacity of this earth depends on the right amount of rainfall.

Output: The effect of this oblation of rain on the earth contemplated as a fire, is food grains.

Fourth Realm of Panchagni Vidya

The Fire: The fourth sacrificial fire is the man. Imagine your own body as a sacrificial fire.

Offering/Oblation: Into this sacrificial fire, the infinite conscious offers food as an oblation.

Output: Out of this offering, arises the seed or semen.

Fifth Realm of Panchagni Vidya

The Fire: The fifth sacrificial fire is the woman.

Offering/Oblation: The infinite consciousness offers the oblation of semen into her.

Output: Out of this offering, arises life in the form of a human fetus.

These are the five stages of fire which one has meditate as a comprehensive reality .Every act that we do has an effect and if as a race, our actions are harmonious to others, everything will in harmony