Goddess Lakshmi story: How to attract Goddess Lakshmi


The Story of Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi Story: How to attract Goddess Laxmi, Hindu Goddess of weath and prosperity.

Goddess Lakshmi story
Goddess Lakshmi

Every God and Goddess has a profound significance in Hinduism which is captured in the ancient scriptures. In recent times, Goddess Lakshmi or Goddess Laxmi or Sri Mahalakshmi (Mother Lakshmi) is equated only with wealth and worshiped only for financial stability.

To attract Goddess Lakshmi it is important to understand how to seek the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. We have to refer to Brahamavaivarta and Vishnu Puranas to understand the story of Goddess Lakshmi.

Goddess Lakshmi story from the puranas

The story starts with a meeting between Sage Durvasa and Lord Indra. Sage Durvasa as a mark of respect offers a garland of flowers to Lord Indra. The king of Gods, Lord Indra who is seated on his elephant, Airavata, takes the garland of flowers and places it on the forehead of the elephant. The elephant takes the garland and throws it down on the earth.

The chief of sages Durvasa, angry at this disrespectful treatment of his gift, proclaims to the King of Gods, “Inflated with the intoxication of power and in your arrogance, you have not respected the garland which was the dwelling of the Goddess of fortune. You have not bowed in front of me and like you have cast the garland to the ground in your excessive pride, your kingdom will also be ruined.”

The first lesson in this story is that Lakshmi, the Goddess of fortune forsakes even the Gods themselves if they become arrogant.

Sage Durvasa walks away and Indra returns to his capital Amravati. The changes in Amravati, as defined in Vishnu Purana, following Durvasa’s curse are as follows- the gods & people lose their vigour and energy, all the vegetable products and plants start dying, men stop doing charity, minds become corrupted, people start engaging in excessive sensory pleasures, men and women started getting excited by objects, desires become uncontrollable and everyone leads a bewildered existence.

The second lesson in Goddess Lakshmi story is that the Goddess is not solely about material wealth. When the Goddess of Fortune forsakes someone, it leads to inability to perform good deeds, lack of energy and vigor, hunger, poverty, lack of mental peace, lack of will power and a meaningless existence.

With the Gods getting feeble in Amravati, the Asuras or the demons invaded the Gods and defeated them. It is said that the Gods and Demons reside in us and are representative of the good and evil within us. With Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings missing, the tamasic element dominates over the satvic element.

The Gods having been defeated went to Lord Vishnu who suggested the churning of the ocean to restore the power back to the Gods by providing them with the elixir or amrit that would make them immortal.

Thus began the churning of the ocean (representative of the deep, unlimited consciousness or the mind). The churning is symbolized by a literal tug of war between the Gods and Demons in the story. From the churning, rises Goddess Lakshmi out of the waves seated on a full-blown lotus. The Goddess Lakshmi chooses Vishnu and thus chooses the Gods over the demons. The Gods restored with their vigor and energy fight the Asuras again and prevail over them.


The significance behind the story is that Goddess Lakshmi bestows overall prosperity which extends to material wealth, good health, mental peace, and the ability to perform good deeds. To seek the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, one has to avoid becoming arrogant when doing well in life; fortune forsakes when there is excessive pride. To invite Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings in your life, you will have to ensure that in the clash between satvic and tamasic thoughts that arise from the mind, and is similar to the churning of the ocean between the Gods and Demons, you choose the side that promotes good over evil.


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