Brihaspati Significance: Brihaspati Mantra, Brihaspativar vrat katha


Brihaspati, Brihaspati in astrology- Planet Jupiter, Brihaspati mantra, Brihaspati Puja, Brihaspativar vrat katha

Lord Brihaspati

Brihaspati or Bruhaspati (also known as Guru or the planet Jupiter) is a vedic deity in Hinduism. Brihaspati is the guru of Devas (Gods) and hence also known as Deva-guru. In Sanskrit, Brihaspati is the original priest or purohita who presides over the prayers and sacrifices to the gods.

In vedic mythology, Jupiter  represents righteousness and religiousness and is also called “Brihaspati or Brahmanaspati” (lord of prayer). The words Brihaspati and Brahmanaspati are derived from the same root ‘bri’ as the word Brahma- the God of Creation. The root ‘bri’ means to grow and expand.

The root ‘Tt’ refers to the wisdom which enables the growth and expansion of the universe. Brihapati, symbolized by the planet Jupiter in the solar system, is associated with supreme wisdom.

Hence in astrology, it is said that Jupiter provides opportunities for the expansion of one’s material weath as well as limitless expansion of inner qualities like compassion and wisdom.


Brihaspati in Mythology: Presiding over Brihaspativar or Thursday

In the Rig Veda, Brihaspati is invoked as a mighty power capable of providing immense protection and great prosperity.

Brihaspati attained the position of teacher of the Devas by performing penances on the banks of Prabhas Tirtha. Lord Shiva granted him the boon to become the guru of the devas and also bestowed upon him a position as one of the Navagrahas (Nine Planets).

Brihaspati is described as being yellow in colour and carries a stick, a lotus and beads. He presides over ‘Guru ­var’ or ‘Brihaspativar’ or Thursday.

All branches of knowledge, the basic principles of Dharma (the right conduct of living) and practical wisdom in Kali Yuga are under the influence of Brihaspati. The knowledge that Brihaspati grants to us is the wisdom that makes us lead a comfortable material life while spiritually evolving towards the final goal of liberation or moksha.

Thus Brihapati or Jupiter provides the highest form of wisdom- the wisdom that makes us realize the supreme consciousness prevalent in us.

Jupiter in Astrology: Brihaspati in astrology

In astrology, Brihaspati is embodied by the planet Jupiter and a well-placed Jupiter in a person’s chart grants wisdom, health, material prosperity and spirituality.

Brihaspati, or Jupiter, is one of the most auspicious planets in astrology. Brihaspati is considered to be the greatest benefic of all of the planets. Brihaspati is concerned with mental and material upliftment. While the planet Jupiter is associated with education, teaching and the dispensation of knowledge, a favourable placement of Brihaspati will also lead  an individual to achieve wealth, peaceful & long lasting relationships, progeny and fame.


brihaspativar vrat
Guru- The teacher of Gods

It is important to understand that the placement of a benefic Brihaspati in a chart will indicate the good deeds performed by the individual in previous karmic incarnations. Performing good deeds, leading a religious life and performing charity are the best ways to please Brihaspati. The prosperity received through Brihaspati results from good conduct in the present and past lives. Brihapati enables the good deeds of the past karmas to fructify and provide favorable opportunities to occur in this lifetime.

In astrology, Jupiter also affects long distance travel, morality and compassion in an individual. Since Jupiter is a mighty planet of solar system its effect on the individual also is more.

Brihaspati Mantra: Brihaspativar Puja

brihaspati mantra
Brihaspati Mantra with meaning

Brihaspati is known as Animishacharya– unblinking preceptor; Chakshusa– light of the eye teacher of the sacred wisdom; Ijya–  teacher of the gods; and Indrejya – one who has subjugated his sense organs. Jupiter is also referred as Guru–  a preceptor and teacher as well as one who initiates the student into the secret wisdom of the Vedas.

According to traditional Hiindu astrology, worship or propitiation of Brihaspati or Guru (Jupiter) results in getting material wealth, happiness in relationships, progeny, cure from ailments affecting the stomach and the control of senses.

Brihaspativar Puja

Brihaspativar Puja is dedicated to Lord Brihaspati who is represented by planet Jupiter and is also considered as the avatar of Vishnu. The devotees wear yellow clothes on Thursday, fast and recite the Brihaspati mantra on Brihaspativar. They also read or listen to Brihaspativar vrat katha.

Brihaspati is the deity presiding over Thursday and hence Thursday is known as Brihaspativar in Hindu calendar.

Brihaspativar Vrat Katha

There was a rich man who had all the material resources to lead a comfortable life. His wife however was a miser and was only interested in running her household. She lacked compassion towards others.

One Thursday, a Sadhu came to her house. The husband was away and the wife was busy in cleaning her house. The sadhu knocked the door and when the wife appeared said to her, “O Kind lady, I am hungry. Will you give me something to eat?”

The lady who could have easily accommodated the sadhu’s request replied, “I am busy cleaning the house. Come on some other day when I am free.”

The sadhu went away hungry from her house that day.

The sadhu returned to her again on another day and said, “O, kind lady, I am hungry. Will you give me something to eat?”

The lady again dismissed the sadhu’s request and replied, “I am busy and giving a bath to my son. Come on some other day.”

The sadhu again went away empty-handed.

He visited her house again for the third time. She repeated her words and added, “You always visit when I am busy. Go away.”

The sadhu humbly asked, “Will you give me something to eat, if I come on a day when you are not busy?

The lady answered, “I will definitely give you something to eat if l’m free. The problem with me is that I am never free as I have so much to attend to in the household. Is there some way out for me? Tell me the way”.

The sadhu smiled and said, “Yes, there is a way out”

“What is it?” asked the lady.

The sadhu said, “Get up late on every Thursday morning. When you clean your house, hoard all the garbage in a corner of the house. Do not clean your kitchen before cooking meals. Put the cooked meals behind the hearth. Wash your hair and clothes on every Thursday. Ask your husband to get himself shaved on this day. And don’t wear yellow clothes on a Thursday. If you do this, you will no longer be busy.”

The sadhu disappeared again hungry from the house. The lady of the household followed his instructions on Thursdays. The rich man gradually become poorer and soon the women had limited resources to focus on her routine life.

The sadhu returned after a few weeks and said, “O, kind lady, I am hungry. Will you give me something to eat?”

The lady was sitting outside in the courtyard doing nothing and said, “O Sadhu, I have nothing to eat myself now-a-days. How can I spare something for you?”

The sadhu replied, “When I came earlier, you had everything but you could not spare anything for me because you were busy. Now you are not busy, but still you have nothing to spare for me.”

The women realizing her mistake folded her hands and said, “O Sadhu, please tell me a way out so that we can go back to your old way of living and recover our material wealth. Please tell me a remedy.”

The compassionate Sadhu replied, “Get up early on Thursday mornings and clean the house. Tell your husband not to shave on Thursday. And always feed the hungry and the poor. Meditate on Lord Brihaspati and with his blessings you will recover your wealth.”

The woman did as the Sadhu instructed and performed good deeds and indulged in charity. Lord Brihaspati became pleased and restored the wealth back on the household.

————–End of Brihaspativar vrat katha—————