Nose Ring benefits: 7 reasons to wear nose rings

nose ring benefits
Benefits of wearing nose rings

In India, there has been a tradition of wearing nose rings among women. References to nose rings have been made in the texts and art of ancient India. The ancient texts of Ayurveda also list down nose ring benefits.  Besides the health benefits associated with wearing nose rings, there is also the obvious decorative value of wearing nose ring as an ornament among women.

Nose ring benefits : Top 7 reasons why you should wear nose rings

1. In Ayurveda, the left side of the nose is associated with the female reproductive organ. The piercing made by the nose ring on the left side of the nose is said to promote the overall vitality of a woman.

2. It is also mentioned that having the nose pierced on the left side, reduces the pain in delivering a child. It is a common held belief especially in the villages, that wearing a nose ring makes the process of child birth easier.

3. In one of the Ayurvedic texts, it is mentioned that wearing a nose ring on the left side of the nose lessens menstrual pain for women.

4. There is a religious significance of wearing a nose ring too. Most women pierce their nose before marriage as a way of honoring Goddess Parvati.

5. In several communities of India, a nose ring or nose stud is a sign of marriage prosperity and enjoys the same significance as that of the Hindu ornament “Mangal Sutra”.

6. In a tantric reference to Nose rings, it is said that women wearing a nose ring are free from the effects of “Vashikaran” or “from being controlled or seduced by others.”

7. The obvious Nose ring benefit is for beautification as many traditional and modern women now wear the nose ring as a fashion accessory.

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